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We empower iGaming operators and players with game-changing technology and fantastic user experiences

Itai Hadas

"At Veli Group, we are constantly redefining the limits of what's possible, leveraging advanced technology to forge revolutionary iGaming solutions that both captivate and inspire. Our passion for the industry drives us to push boundaries, ignite innovation, and pioneer new pathways. Join us on this unforgettable gaming adventure and be part of our quest to transform the iGaming landscape."

Itai Hadas
CEO of Veli Group

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Digital products for iGaming

Velitech is the B2B provider for the iGaming industry. Discover the strength of partnership through the advanced iGaming solutions tailored just for you.

+ Back office platform
+ Sportsbook platform
+ Secure payment gateway
+ AI-based CRM
+ In-house game studio
+ Content aggregator
digital products

Veli Group Values


At Veli Group, innovation is not just a buzzword—it's a commitment. By consistently pushing the boundaries of what's possible, we harness technology to forge revolutionary iGaming solutions that not only engage but also captivate and inspire. With InnoVeli as a guiding principle, we aim to redefine the gaming experience for all.

Integrity at the Core

Integrity is a foundational principle for us. The companies in our Group maintain the highest standards of integrity and compliance, ensuring that trust is built and maintained with partners and players alike. This value underscores every decision, anchoring the Group in reliability and ethical conduct.

Customer Obsession

Customer-centricity is central to Veli Group's ethos. Our group of companies places our customers and end-users at the epicentre of its operations, crafting solutions tailored to their unique requirements. This unwavering focus on customer needs is matched with unparalleled support, creating a seamless and dedicated user experience.

Passion Ignites

Passion is the driving force behind Veli Group. It's the energy propelling our companies forward, igniting a fervent love for the industry. This translates into an incessant push against boundaries, constantly seeking to pioneer and carve out new pathways in the market.