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Venturing into the vibrant world of iGaming, we offer a unique blend of advanced B2B solutions and riveting B2C casino brands. Our holistic omnichannel approach ensures that every stakeholder, from providers to players, enjoys a seamless, and rewarding journey across multiple touch points.

Operational Excellence in Ultra-Regulated Markets

The very nature of our industry demands rigorous compliance, especially in ultra-regulated markets. Veli Group prides itself on successfully navigating the regulatory landscapes of Africa, and Denmark. Our commitment to adhering to the highest standards of integrity and compliance has not only allowed us to operate but thrive in these markets, delivering value to our partners and unforgettable experiences to our players.

In the vast expanse of the African continent, the Veli Group has made an indomitable mark, especially in Congo, with its flagship brand: PariDirect.

Central to PariDirect’s success is its utilization of the entire Velitech product suite. This ensures a robust back office, exceptional player engagement, and impressive retention strategies, elevating the brand beyond expectations. PariDirect’s strength lies in its diversified presence across retail (40+ retail outlets), USSD, and online channels. This omnichannel strategy not only drives the brand but also fortifies its dominant position in the market.

Adding to its distinctiveness, PariDirect has chosen Sam Samurai as its ambassador in Congo. Sam Samurai embodies the spirit of the Congolese youth – those who are unafraid to express themselves.

Regular road-shows and betting carnivals add entertaining flavor to the brand’s presence in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire. Growing gradually the brand aims at creating communities and starting new traditions of fun and user engagement in the country.

In the DR Congo, Veli Group’s presence is unmistakably asserted with PariDirect as its premier brand. Embracing a powerful omnichannel strategy, PariDirect boasts an expansive footprint with over 5 retail outlets, complemented by hundreds of POS resellers. This is further augmented by a formidable online presence. The brand’s synergy across retail, USSD, and online channels highlights the robustness of its omnichannel approach, which remains a pivotal driver of its esteemed reputation in the market.

Wide range of products offered by Paridirect include sports betting, online casino, virtual gaming and the most recent one – lotto, that aims at elevating brand’s presence and awareness in the country.

Veli Group’s operational prowess shines particularly bright in the ultra-regulated Danish market. Our meticulous approach to understanding and navigating the nuances of this region is exemplified by our two distinct B2C brands: Casino999.dk and SPILLEBODEN.

Casino999.dk stands testament to our commitment to blend the local with the global. The platform is more than just a gaming hub; it’s a holistic casino experience.

SPILLEBODEN is not merely about games; it’s about experiences. Marrying cutting-edge technology with enthralling game content, SPILLEBODEN promises an engagement like no other.

B2C - Crafting Electrifying Experiences

On the B2C front, our casino brands pulsate with energy, offering players a gaming experience that's immersive, exciting, and safe.

Embracing the spirit of fun
SPILLEBODEN aims to transport players to a world of thrilling experiences reminiscent of a real amusement park.
Embracing the spirit of fun
Where every spin is a win
Casino999 is tailored specifically to meet the needs of Danish players, providing an authentic and immersive casino experience that combines the best of local and global gaming.
Where every spin is a win
Inevitable victory
Paridirect is a leading omni-channel gaming operator in Africa, with ambitions to become the leading name in the African omnichannel gaming space.
Inevitable victory

B2B - Your iGaming Game-Changer

Elevate your iGaming venture with VeliTech products, where exclusivity meets partnership. As a dedicated B2B provider, we select our clients carefully, ensuring a shared journey towards success.

Data-driven PAM platform designed to boost your online casino
Elevate your betting game with a premier Sportsbook platform
Unlock success and engagement with AI-driven CRM
Game studio with captivating crash games and more
Harness the power of a qualitative payment gateway
Limitless gaming possibilities with our game aggregation

An Ecosystem of Mutual Growth

At the heart of Veli Group's ethos is the belief in creating value for every stakeholder. By harmonising our B2B solutions with our vibrant B2C brands, we ensure that every entity in the gaming ecosystem - from partners to players - benefits from an association with us.

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