March 14, 2024

We are thrilled to share the incredible journey of one of our esteemed brands, Paridirect, during the AFCON, the biggest football competition in Africa!

Paridirect’s dedicated team exhibited unparalleled passion and expertise throughout the tournament, providing comprehensive coverage of the matches while actively engaging with the vibrant and enthusiastic fan community.

The essence of team spirit and shared joy permeated every aspect of Paridirect’s involvement, as the brand seamlessly connected with fans, capturing their emotions, the thrill of following each score, and the ultimate joy of victory. 

Digital Engagement and Strategic Collaborations

The digital sphere buzzed with excitement as Paridirect organised thrilling competitions, such as the immensely popular “Guess the Score,” which resulted in a remarkable surge of over 3000 new followers on Facebook. Furthermore, Paridirect’s strategic collaboration with two prominent TV stations in the DRC ensured daily visibility on screens throughout the month-long event.

With a background in journalism, Paridirect’s Social Media Manager skilfully provided insightful match coverage, conducted engaging fan interviews, and shared invaluable insights about the brand and betting on the Paridirect platform. Through a strategic blend of physical presence, compelling social media content, and extensive TV exposure, Paridirect successfully distinguished itself among sports betting companies, achieving unprecedented visibility and recognition.

Broadening Reach Through Collaborations and Nationwide Presence

Collaboration with national team fan pages further broadened Paridirect’s reach, enabling the brand to connect with an even broader audience. From dynamic street marketing events to captivating roadshows featuring branded trucks and energetic dancers near local shops, Paridirect ensured that fans nationwide felt its unwavering support and presence throughout the competition.

Paridirect’s remarkable journey at AFCON is a testament to its unwavering dedication, innovation, and commitment to fostering meaningful connections with football enthusiasts across Africa and beyond. Kudos to the Paridirect team!